We Love To Dance!

Vancouver, Canada
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We Love To Dance! 

We are about love of music and dance, of mutual respect, friendships and light hearted fun in socializing. 

We are about social events that makes us all happier for the participation. 

Dancers of all levels are welcome. It does not matter that you have never ever danced. All good dancers were in that position before. After having learnt to dance a little bit now without stepping on anyone's toes, I have come to realize that social dancing is not about how good a dancer you are or flashy moves - that simply your ego; it is about making your partner feel comfortable and happy to be socializing with you.

Of course, it helps, if you don't step on each other's toes but that is the easy part because it is all about frame and that is one of the first things you will learn with any good instructor. 

Professional dancers and advanced dancers all tell me that they are not the least concerned that their partner is just a beginner with only basic moves as long as they are enjoying themselves and sharing that enjoyment with them. So remember to smile, stop looking at your feet - they won't run away on you and enjoy the company that you are with and you will both have a superior experience.

For the better dancers, we will post many fun events to be at and to meet others of all levels, of all races and ethnic origins who all have one thing in common, we are all fun people to be with!

Our events are always for everyone!


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