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Perth, Australia
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What are your interests?

Ballet, opera, theatre, the arts, art & drawing & painting & sculpture, architecture, arthouse & foreign films, film noir, cult movies, jazz, classical music, musea(museums), lectures, anthropology & archaelogy, the humanities, astronomy, general science, mathematics, physics, classics & ancient history, geography, literature, philosophy, poetry, photography, gastronomy, comedy, mime, puppetry, parlour games, fancy dress parties, street theatre, dancing, croquet, bocce or p├ętanque, quoits, cultural trips abroad or in the countryside.

Can't find a friend for any of the above - because they are so banal ? :-)

Are all your besties staying home watching ABC 3 or ABC 4, babysitting their offspring with Sophie the Giraffe? Or have you finally got a night off from the children?

With us you can be bohemian -or more probably just a mainstream misfit :-)

Acceptable names for membership : Angelina Jolie Voight or Angelina JV


Just follow these instructions and no one gets hurt !

These rules were introduced in Dec 2013 because some applicants are a bit shady ! We are encouraging existing members to adopt the changes.


We want

(1)Complete names


(2)True first name plus all your initials.

Just like under the first photo.

This group is hip and everyone wants in! Hence there are many people with the same or similar first name! No originality !

Some first names like John or Sue occur very frequently, so use all possible initials. Don't have a middle name or initial ? How embarrassing ! Adopt one !


We want clear close up photos of yourself, like the ones of Ange, in case we need to identify you, in a police line-up :-)

We seek;

1)A passport style photo for the prime photo , like the top one


2)A very close full body shot, as above.

But we're Cultured Creatures so make yourself look creative and stylish :-)

NOT photos of objects, buildings, animals, cartoons, unrecognisably artified or distorted figurative shots. And without helmets, hoods, large hats and concealing sunglasses .

Your face and hair should be distinguishable.
It helps finding you at an event. We wouldn't want to shoot you by mistake !

You may wish for privacy because you are a movie star, evading the Tax Office or hiding from all your paramours !

In that case please send your photos in confidence by email to the main "ORGANIZER" -  and we'll pass it on to the paparazzi or the authorities !

If you don't comply with our photo requests, we may grant you membership, however the onus will be entirely up to you to find us at meeting points.



If you are already a member of dozens of other Meetup groups, we are going to be very suspicious.

Will you attend more of our events than the other uncultured groups? :-) Will you love us more than the others?

Will you be faithful to us? We don't want promiscuity between groups - just within our group :-)

Once you join, please attend your first event within 2 months.

If you do not attend an event after 6 months then you will be pursued by Daleks who will be uttering ; "Exterminate, exterminate "

The same will happen if you are absent from events for more than 12 months.



If you do RSVP 'YES' for an event, then it's important that you attend the event. Do not frivolously book events if there is only a slim chance you will attend. Check that you do not have any other obligation at that time !

If you then consider you may not attend, please change your RSVP to 'NO' , at least 48 hours prior to the event. If there is a waiting list, then this gives those waiting a chance to attend.

Some people pull out of events very frequently. We will outrageously gossip about you !

* After you've


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