The Ballroom Dance Group

Southfield, United States
731 Members

Is the dance floor calling you? Are you interested in dancing, but you don’t want to go alone? Are you tired of your friends not showing up, so that you still end up having to go by yourself?  Or maybe you want to learn some ballroom steps but you’re a little bit shy or don’t know where to go. There is a remedy, it’s called The Ballroom Dance Group. The Ballroom Dance Group is a social group of ballroomers of all ages, who seek to meet and mingle with fellow ballroomers for some laughs, learning, and fun. We attend ballroom dancing events in the metro Detroit area, and we have great big fun. We also meet and greet every other Monday for the purpose of getting to know our fellow Ballroom Group members. That way you will already have friends that will be there when you get there.  And there’s more, about once a month we have a ballroom workshop to get some practice, and share and create steps, so we can get out and show off our moves!  So check out, find The Ballroom Dance Group, and come to a Meet and Greet. Then, join us at a ballroom event or even a workshop, and dance your brains out! See u there!


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