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We are passionate about the Brazilian partner dance called forró (see below) and we want to share our passion with you!

We organise light hearted fun lessons where you can learn the basic steps, feel the rhythm and learn to flow around the dance floor. 

We offer fantastic offers for first timers at our Meet Ups and you will soon get to know the crowd that has been dancing for longer. 

We also run 8 week beginner and improver courses and a few festivals too! Check our website for upcoming dates here.

We also organise Portuguese/English language exchanges every Monday to help anybody wanting to improve their language skills


What is Forró?

Forró is a sensual, close partner dance, born in the Northeast of Brazil and accompanied with traditional folkloric music played with an accordion, triangle and drum.

Everyone is welcome and there's no need to bring a partner! - Join us every Saturday in Farringdon. 

Check our website for more info too!


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