The Midtown Writers Meetup Group

Minneapolis, United States
506 Members

We meet at the same time (9 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.) and the same place (Salsa a La Salsa, Midtown Global Market) every Saturday. 

During the meetup, we write with pen and paper to prompts for short bouts (usually 2-7 minutes). After each bout, we pass the mike around for anyone who wants to read. There's no critique. Our focus is on getting words on paper,  supporting the creative process, and having fun. 

Bring your favorite pen and notebook, but please leave your laptop at home. If you need assistive tech, please bring whatever you need and let the leader that day know when you arrive so you don't get plied with spare notebooks and extra pens. 

RSVPs are optional - RSVP if you a have a chance, but please feel free to join us without an RSVP.  To keep our meeting mailing list up to date, we automatically remove members who have not RSVP'd in the last 12 months. If you get removed, please simply rejoin the meetup group. 

The Midtown Global Market has free and metered nearby street parking and a more expensive pay-by-the-hour parking ramp. The Midtown Global Market is also easy to get to by bus (check out the 21) or bike (close to the Midtown Greenway bike trail).

There's no degree of separation. No fame. No ego. Just writers writing. Authentic. Whimsical. Vulnerable. "It's all true, none of it's true, don't ask."

We encourage our regular members to sign up to lead for a morning or more. We need volunteers to keep the group going. Go on...sign up! It's fun (and easy).

We have been meeting every week since March of 2007.

Please join us! We always welcome newcomers!

We also have a blog for regular Saturday participants to share their work. You can read our stuff here:

You need to come regularly on Saturday to get information on how to sign up to post.

The rules are simple:  

• Keep writing for the allotted time.  

• Adults only. We create a safe space for adults where all topics and words are welcome and we don't want to dampen that freedom by self-editing or self-censorship. 
Never write something personal about someone else in the group. 

• Keep pen to paper. If you can't think of something to write, then repeat what you have just written, rebel against the prompt, or write your grocery list. Just keep going! See what happens!

• Write in any genre you like. 

• Read what you just wrote, or pass the mic to the next person.  Only read what you have written during the writing exercise. 

• Critique is not allowed. The idea is to have a safe place to write and read. We strive to be supportive, encouraging, and creative.


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