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Due to the excitement and growth of the dance in the garden State we are happy to announce a NEW Steppin group NEW JERSEY " CHI TOWN " STEPPERS.  Jersey loves this dance and wants to claim a part of this dance as theirs, similar to their neighbors in New York, Boston, Baltimore, D.C and many others.

This is an off shoot of a very good and popular group that deserves a lot of the credit for bringing Steppin to New Jersey.  The New York and New Jersey Chicago style Steppers.

This is still a Smooth, soulful, Mature, Elegant, and Sexy dance that originated out of the Windy City, CHI-Town or just plan old Chicago.

If you Hustle, Salsa, Ballroom, Hand Dance, or just LOVE TO DANCE!, you can learn Chicago Style Steppin'.  The home of Steppin' is Chicago, and gained popularity across the nation when R. Kelly released, "Step in the Love" in 2002.  It's a partner dance to Soulful Grooves like: Classic R&B, Soul, Old-School, Jazz, Neo-Soul, and some Hip Hop.

So, join us to meet others who enjoy Chicago Style Steppin'; love Steppin' music; and want to learn the dance. In the process meet new people, enjoy adult interaction, and have fun!

We have regular classes at Delta's in New Brunswick and Ideal's in Newark, and The Castle in Plainfield.  Private instruction, workshops, and Special Event presentations are available. We also take regular trips to Chicago, Virginia, DC, Los Angeles, Boston, North Carolina, Atlanta, and of course New York for Steppin' Events.

We hope to see you out soon! Don't be bashful. We all started as absolute beginners, and are still students learning and having fun along the way.

Please take a look at our Calendar of events for the next class or event and contact us if you have any questions.



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