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Bay Area Anything Active is a Meetup group focused on anything that makes you move! Hiking, bicycling, camping, backpacking, running, kayaking, swimming, surfing, rock climbing, bouldering, bungee jumping, mountaineering, sports—if it can be done with a group, it can be done with BAAA!

For some events, you may be advised and expected to have a certain level of physical ability and stamina to participate in the activity. There are inherent risks with any active sport or activity. By participating in Bay Area Anything Active events, you agree that you are solely responsible for your own safety at all times. You are solely responsible for preparing for events you attend and having the skill sets required for any activity.

Attendance Policy
Please RSVP to events only if you plan on attending. Be sure to update your RSVP if your attendance plans change, and avoid last-minute changes whenever possible.

3 Strikes for No Shows: Members who RSVP yes and do not show up to 3 events may be subject to removal and/or banning from the group.

Dog/Pet Policy
With the exception of service animals which are always welcome, dogs are permitted at events only if expressly permitted by the event host. For the safety and comfort of members, dogs should be leashed at all times.

Child Policy
There are no special accommodations made for kids (i.e., they need to keep up... although a lot of times we are the ones who need to keep up with them :) It is your responsibility to read the event description and decide whether the activity is suitable for your kids. 

RSVP Limit for Some Events
RSVP limits are at the discretion of the event organizer.  Big groups can be hard to manage and at times not all that fun for organizers and attendees alike.  Please respect the RSVP limit and understand that organizers are volunteers - events have to be fun for us or else we have no reason to keep doing this.  

Gender/Age Preference for Some Events
Some events may be tailored to a specific gender/age range (e.g., a women-only backpacking trip or a 20's and 30's hike). This makes it easier for members to meet fellow adventurers who share similar interests. BAAA was founded with members of a 20- and 30-somethings hiking group in the East Bay, but we have since expanded to become a comprehensive activities group.

Fee-Based Events
Most events are free of charge, and our preference is to keep them that way. Meetup events with fees are allowed only when the fee is justified (to cover reservations, gear rental, etc.).  Event hosts are not compensated for their time organizing and leading events; they are 100% volunteers.

No Soliciting
Please do not promote your business/ product/ service/ fundraiser or fee-based event of any kind to group members or organizers. This restriction includes yoga classes, climbing workshops, salsa lessons, run/walk fundraisers, product/app launches, etc. Anything and everything that is promotional is not appropriate for this group.  We encourage all members to suggest and host events, but if you keep suggesting promotional events or discussions you will be banned from the group.  The group does not accept sponsorships and does not promote any products, services, or causes. There is absolutely NO marketing to members—no exceptions. Organizers will not answer soliciting messages.  

If you have questions about an upcoming event, please contact the event's host/organizer.  If you have general questions about BAAA, please contact Alina. Thank you!

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