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Dancing and Romance go hand in hand.

You know it's true.

But do you have to take dance lessons?

Do you have to go to a loud dance club or a grungy bar?

Not anymore.


Introducing Dance 'N' Date.

The exciting new way to meet people and learn a dance too.



  • Dancing is a great way to meet people.

  • You'd be surprised at how much you can learn about someone without saying a word.

    You just need one dance.

  • Intimidating dance classes aren't necessary.

  • Grungy bars and night clubs are a thing of the past. 


In a relationship?

  • Dancing is a fun activity that you can do together.

  • It can enhance your intimacy

  • It can strengthen your relationship

  • It can teach you how to communicate at a deeper level


Don't know how to dance?

That's where Dance 'N' Date comes in.

We start off our singles and couples events with a quick and easy introductory dance lesson. Don't worry if you have two left feet. Our accomplished dance instructors have years of experience teaching super fun classes to new dancers of all types and ages. We make it our business to create a fun low-pressure and comfortable atmosphere, making it easy to meet and interact with new people.

For our singles events, once the class is over we turn the music on and let you meet each person, one at a time. You'll get to dance or sit and talk through a whole song with each guy or gal in the class. You don't have to dance, but why not? It's Dance 'N' Date.

For our couples events, once the class is over we turn the music on and let you dance with your sweetheart. Reignite that spark. Fall in love all over again. You can also meet other couples who might be looking for new friends. Some of our couples events even include dinner, so a Dance 'N' Date event makes a great date night. Let Dance 'N' Date remind you what it was like when you were dating. What a fun evening, right?

If you have any more questions, please pay a visit to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If that doesn't satisfy you, message any of the organizers or call our toll free number.

Want to see your instructors? Look at our Instructors page.

If you want to know more about the dance styles that we offer, visit our Dance Styles page.



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