Hey, I Wanted To Do That...Just Not By Myself!

Philadelphia, United States
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This group is for mature professionals age 28+.

Have you ever wanted to learn to ride a horse, swim, salsa dance...just not alone? Have you ever wanted to snowshoe, go to the opera, sky dive, scream your head off at a rock concert (or any concert for that matter!)…just not alone?

Ever wanted to attend a masquerade ball, play beach volleyball, recite your own poetry on open-mic nights, take a pottery class, a public speaking class, see a movie, ATV through a tropical jungle adventure, sing songs at a bonfire, try a different ethnic food or try your hand at a cooking class…but just not alone?

Well, dust off your bucket list - this group is for you! Some of these ideas sound pretty lofty? Don't worry - there will be a bucket for every budget! We'll try everything from free cultural events in the city to one-day-fun-days to weekend get-a-ways and vacations!

After you’ve joined, please take a moment to review our important membership guidelines. Click on the Discussions tab → Message Board.

A CLEAR self PHOTO is required for membership. Requests submitted for approval w/o a photo will be immediately declined.

Group open to mature professionals age 28+, please! <br> <br>

Let’s get out there and toss some drops in our buckets together!


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