Birmingham Cuban Salsa Courses and Fiestas

Birmingham, United Kingdom
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We are cuban/polish dance couple that teaches in accessible and friendly way Cuban Salsa of varies levels, as well as Son, Rumba, cuban lady and man styling, Afrocuban, Cubaton/Reggaeton, organise salsa parties to practice the dance and promote Cuban music. We also organise excursions to Cuba in small vip groups (only up to 10people) to meet real salsa origin and spend great time Dancing in Cuba. We organise the classes in short courses so you can keep a track of what you’ve already learned, we also give private classes. We feel that we introduce a new level of Cuban Salsa in Birmingham, its worth to try if you have interest in dance, even if you think you can already salsa;)


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Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre
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