Perth Couples Social and Friendship Group

Perth, Australia
21 Members


Our club is a fabulous social group recommended for married and committed couples aged 55 + who are looking to meet new people, make new friends and enjoy experiencing all kinds of fun and good times together.

If you are part of a friendly, sociable, reliable  couple who live together, are prepared to regularly attend  posted events, who are looking for lots of fun and a variety of entertainment, please join us and let the good times roll!

It is our intention to keep this friendship group deliberately small and exclusive to foster permanent friendships rather than just accepting anybody.

Note that this group is specifically for married couples only  or couples who reside together in a committed relationship.  

Couples, only, are permitted to attend posted events and individual members are not permitted to attend on their own  without the permission of the organisers who may wave this condition in extenuating circumstances. 

Initial acceptance of membership is for a trial period only and full membership is at the discretion of organisers.

We insist on good behaviour and a commitment to attend events regularly and members that the organisers deem lack the values and behaviours that our group espouses,  are deleted to allow room for more committed and better behaved  couples.

Prospective members should note that the organisers monitor members' participation in events and perusal of our website and once a pattern of non-attendance or not logging into our website occurs, membership will be terminated to allow room for others. 

Prospective members should also note that the organisers pay a fee each  year to host this Meetup site and therefore would prefer prospective members, whose aim is to form lasting friendships and attend as regularly as they are able, rather than just drop in and out when they have nothing better to do!

Members who do  not attend events where they have been booked into a venue, without prior notice, will be removed from the membership.

 Last minute withdrawals, except in cases of unavoidable emergencies, will jeopardise membership as the organisers have an obligation to restaurant owners who are increasingly requiring deposits for large groups. 

Preliminary membership is always subject to review in the first month.

Our group welcomes friendly, genuine, reliable and non-smoking couples wanting to widen their social circles and get out there and have fun and friendship enjoying life and all it has to offer with convivial and responsible  company in a smoke and child free environment.

We are about couples who wish to make good friends, have good times, attend regular meetups and get-togethers and we are open to all suggestions concerning  things to do and places to go including concerts, breakfasts, dinners, lunches, movies, barbeques, picnics, traveling, weekends away, walking, country driving, social dancing and classes, 4 wheel driving etc; the list is endless.

All members can liaise with organisers to suggest events but only organisers can post events.  Feel free to seek expressions of interest before requesting events to be posted and finalising dates and venues.

Note that public events are only closed to facilitate venue booking and members may contact the organisers  within a reasonable time frame  to see if additional places are available. 

There  is an expectation that if you attend private events organised at members' houses then you are also prepared to return the hospitality and host your own events at your own house.

Warm regards from your organisers, David and Margot.


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