Light Energy Dance - Chakra Healing, Meditation, Prana Open

Singapore, Singapore
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"Light" refers to Sun (or other light forms); "Energy" refers to the source of your movements such as chakra; "Dance" refers to the movement that your body generates.

This is a group to allow people with similar minds to connect together and dance under the Sunlight, in the forest and gain healing energy together.

There is no particular dance steps to follow because you will be dancing with the movements that your body tells you to.

The most natural way to heal your body is to listen to their needs and follow their lead.

We will dance under the Sun at the time with the most energy, with the trees, and on the mountain.

With the powerful energy from the Mother Earth and Sun, it will improve our 'free dance' movements and heal even faster.

There are plenty of health benefits that you can gain from the dance such as improve mood, reduce stress, fewer aches, fewer acne, improve skin complex, looking younger, feel more energized, sensitive to energy and be more open-minded.

This is a combination of various body healing techniques (e.g. yoga, qigong, dance..).

It will usually be conducted at Henderson Waves @ Mt. Faber on Sat & Sun.

There will be a cost of $15 (one-time) or $100 (monthly). Part of the fees will be used as a donation to campaigns in (fundraising)

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