The Rat Pack - Ladies Who Love Retro

San Diego, United States
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This is a meetup for outgoing 20-30s women who want to get dolled-up and go on outings with an Old-Timey flair.

The types of events we will go to will be:

-swing dancing (or other dancing like salsa class, etc)
-Live music/concerts
-cocktails at 7Grand, Prohibition, Rendezvous, Havana 1920 and others.
-brunch/dinners... because, why not?
-poker night OR casino night (blackjack or poker)
-Showings of classic movies at Landmark
-You can dress with a vintage panache(dresses, hats, red lipstick, whatever you want, just please make an effort! In the old days women took pride in their looks, so no yoga pants) think Lauren Bacall, Elizabeth Taylor, Betty Davis, MARYLIN, etc
-we will also have meetups where we talk about fashion, hair, make up, or go shopping

Other activities I’m interested in are “tea time”, drive ins(maybe?), picnics in the park

The hardest part of a meetup is showing up. As a professional female I feel it is hard to find opportunities to socialize so I thought this group would be a fun idea. And you don’t have to go to every event, feel free to drop in or out whenever.

This is all stuff that I’m going to be doing anyway, but I created this group for whoever would like to join. I’m also open to suggestions for other activities.

Any questions at all, feel free to send me a message!


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