Let's Go Somewhere: Practice your English

Schaumburg, United States
7 Members

Goals and purpose of this group:
1 ) Plan is to visit interesting places, meet people, practice american english.

2 ) International and local people that want to have some fun from life and again practice english or help others to improve language.

3) Everything and nothing, depend of mood time and availability. First of all is enjoy life and travel this beautiful country and visit some tourist places in neares states.
Concept is to spend part of time on one attraction and next find some nice place to talk!

Short meeting can be organized on Friday longer definitely Saturday :)
Of course we flexible and some of those can be repeated ( example cycling).
You have any ideas where to go send me info.
Of course reliable cars and willing to share site with other attendance will be nice, we will meet at one place and move from there together.

CARS available:
Konrad - 3 seats

You are responsible for your life, we are only organizing time together we are not a travel organization.
You pay for yourself.

Of course group open to any ideas!

Official plans to go and spend some time together:

+ House on the rock
More info --- https://www.thehouseontherock.com/

More info --- https://www.passporttosavings.com/wisconsin-dells-attractions-tickets/upper-dells-boat-tours/

+ Bike day - cycling along Chicago Lake Shore

+ Half-Hour Seadog Speedboat Ride
More info --- https://www.seadogcruises.com/chicago/cruises/extreme-thrill-ride

+ Lets eat something good "Salsa 17"
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
More info --- https://www.salsa17grill.com/

+  Starbucks meetings, just seat and talk

More info --- https://www.passporttosavings.com/wisconsin-dells-attractions-tickets/wisconsin-dells-kalahari-resort/

+  Take camera and go take some photos

+  Lake Geneva 
More info ---  https://www.visitlakegeneva.com/

+ Chicago Boat night cruise

+ Canoe on the Fox River
"A section known as the Middle Fox River offers some of the river’s most ideal canoeing. From Elgin in the north and down through St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia and Aurora, the river winds through stretches of forest preserves and wooded areas."

+ Camp at Illinois Beach State Park
" Illinois Beach is the only beach ridge shoreline remaining in the state, according to the state’s Department of Natural Resources. Stretching 6.5 miles along the shore of Lake Michigan, the park features dunes and swales (sunken or marshy spots with gently sloping sides), marshes and forests of oak trees. The park also boasts a variety of animal life and vegetation, including more than 650 species of plants, from colorful wildflowers to prickly pear cacti.

Spanning more than 4,000 acres, the park offers opportunities for swimming, hiking, fishing, picnicking and camping. "


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