Open-minded People Enjoying Life

Heidelberg, Germany
12 Members

This groups purpose is having fun being alive. There are miracles everywhere and we will try to be more conscious of them.

In this group you can look forward experiencing interesting conversations with open minded people, a run, a great cup of Tee or Coffee, music sharing, Yoga, conscious breathing, a sick workout, sharing your favourite book or recipe, playing Frisbee, dancing without a reason, playing Chess, just being, doing Gymnastics, playing boardgames or cards, playing Beach Volleyball, a Hike, the exchange of jokes or hilarious stories or even finding a friend.
Hey and when the shit really hits the fan and we do not have a clue what to do next then we just hang out or go home. Easy.

Electronics should be muted, turned off or entirely left at home. How Amazing is that ?

I really hope if you join this group you are willing to smile to a new Member when he or she shows up to his or hers first meeting. Let´s all be nice, A`right?

Cheers and see you guys on our first experience.


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