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Winnipeg, Canada
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The group consists of yoga, life coaching, meditation, and other mindful movement activities - such as walking, dancing, skating.

Our bodies are speaking to us all the time but we are too busy trying to succeed that we've stopped listening. We've learned to power through instead of taking a break, we've learned to skip a meal instead of nourishing ourselves. We need to re-educate ourselves on how to listen to our bodies. We need to learn how to FEEL.

The good news is, the only body you need to listen to is your own! It has all the answers waiting for you when you are ready to receive them.

Jessica is a certified life coach, yoga teacher and figure skating instructor. She studied computer software in University and worked in a corporate tech environment for five years before her body beckoned her to explore life outside the office walls. She has always been a kinesthetic learner and has discovered secrets about movement, life, and consciousness itself when she's let her body lead and has her mind sit back and observe. She wants to encourage you to love your body, listen to your body, and trust your body so you can enjoy life and unlock your potential.

You will enjoy this group if:

•  You want to connect to and deepen your relationship with your body 

•  You want to spend more time outdoors and appreciating nature 

•  You need some "me-time" 

•  You can show up with an open mind 

•  You have negative self-talk, anxiety, a skewed body-image and you want to change that

We will learn to love and appreciate our body, our minds and how we show up in the world. Every(body) is unique and perfect and imperfect and that includes you.

When we have love for ourselves and take care of ourselves we have love to give to the world around us. Whether that is at work, at home, with family or for your passion projects.

Take time for you to slow down, connect and breathe. Self-care is selfless, not selfish.


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