open minded house parties in bavaria

München, Germany
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Our purpose is to bring peace into Munich. Introduce open-minded, reliable, good-hearted, active, positive and cool people into each other. Or people who are into music and dancing overall with respect to each other.

If you are a social person and would like to bond with like-minded people, then you should hit the button.

We will throw house parties in different locations chosen between our members' houses. This will be based on volunteerism therefore I will begin to host first events at my place to demonstrate the atmosphere of my wishful house party idea. There will be smart lights, disco lights, projector on the wall, good sound, psychedelic electro music, deep house, techno, Turkish goa/psy music, playlist of Berlin and Istanbul DJs, unique sounds, dance, balcony, smoking and so on.

We will have deep discussions. I was born as a rebel to unfairness, politics, lies, animal cruelty, fake and narrow minded people, discrimination, slavery and so on. I would like to find good people who believes in humanity. I am a spiritual person but I don't believe in any religion. I just believe in energy.

You can reach me at Twitter for any kind of question:

Example of music I will be playing on speakers next to deep house and other techno songs:

and many more Berlin/Istanbul DJs.


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