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What questions do you feel are difficult for people?

What answers oftentimes create more resistance to exploration?

I live in independence, and I want to share a somewhat secure space to talk about hard conversations that so many people do not bother understanding. Topics that go as far as to why we believe we as human beings are separate from each other and why this is taught from an early age.

Topics that have controversy in a group or just one person, can lay the groundwork for new ways we can look at our selves, no matter who is right or wrong. That beyond the conversation, there just may be a point of sentiment in how we experience life just as it is, with whatever relative good or bad we may have labeled being out there.
I would like your help in building a community, one that strikes multiple purposes. One being a place we can go to for camaraderie and deeper contemplation and Two, a place where we can talk about doing activities together such as going out into public.

What I mean a little bit more here, is practicing together and at some point preparing for the public in just being an open space for new ideas. I have had multiple ideas of doing some sort of flash mob through a combination of various things, even going on all at once. Singing, Dancing, Meditating, Posing, and more. Just perhaps being open if anyone would like to talk if we brought some chairs and signs to reflect on a basic humanity.

I believe we all deep down want to understand the deeper purpose of everything that happens in the world good or bad, beyond the arguing of science and religion. So I have trained myself to get to the point of where I am at now to help facilitate meetings and training courses to step into new territory where we never thought was possible. Such as:

Singing, dancing, or just sharing our confusion/apathy of the world.

Did you know the smartest people in the world, the most professional in the arts had oftentimes had to go through rigorous failure to get to their point? So why don't we celebrate the process of the arts or conversations even if we are not right, if we are not perfect?

Well because there has been a lot of manipulation to how we as humans "should be" versus can be. I would like to expand more on this with you and so if you would allow me, for one day let us remove our fears of meeting and the consequences we project on how we might get threatened. After all, I am a 24 year old who couldn't have more love in my heart other than to see this love in all of you.

I do not like inner tension, I do not like seeing people as opposing me, I have a dream of a world where we all truly enjoy embracing each other.


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