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I started to dance since I was 6 years old and I totally loved that and it stays my hobby till now. Although I had always troubles with finding style that would be really "MY".

Some months ago I found instagram videos of Nicole Brinn and Bfongg and already after 5 seconds I understood, that this is what I NEED. They were so unbelievably pretty, feminin and original, that I decided that I want to be the same. And as I did not find anything like this in Berlin. I decided to make my own lessons.

My goal is to show to women how pretty, sexual and feminin they can be and how to get self-confiDANCE on heels. Because aren't the most powerful and amazing women the self confident ones? I love every style of feminin dance, where you can see prettiness and passion, so My choreographies are inspired by many of them: highheels dance, gogo, Paso, Latino dance, ballet and many others. The most important for me is to dance with showing all these emotions, which are inside of you. I would like to inspire woman, but also be inspired by them and see that they really enjoy what they are doing! Remember "Girls just wanna have fuuun"🎵🎶

So grab COMFORTABLE heels :D, water, SMILE and do not hesitate to contact me :). Lessons are international so I talk mostly in English, that everyone was able to understand. But I speak as well German, Russian and Czech :). Looking forward to see you!


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