Bushwick Workout Buddies (body, mind, & spirit)

Brooklyn, United States
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If you're in Bushwick, join the circle.
If you're anywhere else, increase the radius.

To just be.
Physical health
mental release
Connection with yourself
Solidarity in solitude

Hot Yoga Sculpt: M-F 12-1:15PM
Upbeat breath to movement class that combines free weights with yoga poses, cardio & kickass music to increase exibility, stamina & strength *heated room

Hot Power Yoga M-F 10-11:15AM
Breath to movement class that uses bodyweight to increase exibility, stamina & strength *heated room

Happy Hour Yoga M, T 5-7PM
Yoga Sculpt + Downtime
Tea, Refreshments, Board Games, Jamming, Reading, Connecting... All and more is optional

Improv Yoga Su 11AM-12:15PM
A vocal and physical release of the ego and inner judge. This is a new yoga method to meet yourself where you are.

Zumba F 2-3PM, Su 7-8PM
Latin-inspired dance tness class that incorporates Latin and international music/dance movements to create a dynamic, exciting, exhilarating workout.

Sound Healing W, Th 5-6:30PM *only by RSVP
A deep form of meditation to set you on a rejuvinating inward journey as you follow sacred sounds with your eyelids draped shut.

Reiki T, W 3:30-4:30PM
A laid back experience that rebalances your chakras for cleaning the mind, body, and soul through the sacred Tibetan cosmoenergy channels.


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