Calgary's Pursuit of Happiness Club

Calgary, Canada
322 Members

The Heartiest of Welcomes to you from the Calgary's Pursuit Of Happiness Club.

Calgary's Pursuit Of Happiness Club has one objective in mind: To bring together people, singles and couples, of all ages (18+), races, backgrounds, religions,  genders and orientations with the purpose of doing the one thing we want most, pursuing happiness in whatever form that may take. Whether it be going bowling for the evening, hiking the incredible mountains in our own back yard, playing wallyball, (yes, that is a, dancing, socializing, dining, or white water rafting down the Kicking Horse.

The activities are as diverse as the country we live in. It's all about creating a fun, sometimes unique experience for our members and guests. Calgary's Pursuit Of Happiness Club is not a group of strangers, just a group of friends we haven't met yet.

We are always open to new ideas for activities or events. We are so fortunate to live in a country and society where we have the opportunity to do so many interesting and diverse things that makes our lives all that much more fulfilling.

We are non-profit. All of our events do not include admin or meetup fees.  However, you are still responsible for (if necessary) purchasing event tickets, event entry/rental fees, facility cover charges, cost of food and drinks, etc. for the event itself. Organizers will post what the mandatory costs of the event are.

If you, you and your partner or you and your family are new to this great city, post a message on our board and let us know. If you have a question, let us know. You'll be amazed at the responses you'll get from our friendly organizers and members.

So join us. Say hi to your organizers as we all embark on the journey to Pursue  Happiness in all of it's many forms.

The Organizing Team


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