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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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This group is to present Capoeira Batuque Dubai. This group lead by an instructor passionate in Capoeira made me fall in love (again) with this art and I would like to share my passion with you.
Classes are held twice a week Sundays and Tuesdays at KO Gym (World Fighting School) in Dream Tower Dubai Marina for adults (from 14 years old) and every Saturday morning at FitRepublik Motor City for kids (from 4 to 14 years old). We also organise special gathering or workshops for outside classes where we express more physically and also music classes or just around a drink or food.

Come and join this very nice group that I discovered and would like to share with you.

First class is free so come and try the experience!
No specific level required, just come and learn. Bring a confortable t shirt and a confortable pant or short, we learn bare foot so no need specific shoes.

We will be sweating, dancing, singing, having fun and make valuable friends. Come and be part of worldwide capoeira community!

Only one requirement, bring your positiveness, your smile and your open mind!


Capoeira is an Afro Brazilian martial art with elements of dance, music, acrobatics and philosophy that was developed by different African groups in Brazil. Capoeira is an art-form that challenges us to fight without fighting, play a game where there is often no clear winner and dance with someone who may be our enemy.

Capoeira was developed by African slaves and disguised as a dance. It was born not as a fighting style, but as a simple hope of survival. The dance was incorporated to avoid detection and corporal punishments. With music and rhythmic moves, they raised no suspicion of escape attempts.

Capoeira is considered a game "jogo" between two people. A dialogue, without words, that can be slow, fast, rough, beautiful, or any combination of these. An Art form commanded by music, history, and community.

More than anything Capoeira is fun and has grown from being an art form that was outlawed a hundred years ago to being declared a Cultural Heritage of Brazil and being practiced throughout the world. Today, Capoeira is the second most popular sport in Brazil behind football.


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