Guest Night - FUN Evening of Free Dance Lessons & More

Marietta, United States
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Ready to have some fun? Then consider this your official invitation to join us at our dance studio located at 2727 Canton Rd. Suite 520, Marietta, Ga. 30066. 

Every Thursday evening at 7:45pm is our weekly Newcomer's Class we refer to as our Guest Night at Celebrity Ballroom Dance Studios – It's always a no obligation, no risk, no pressure event for first-time visitors to come into our studio and enjoy a evening of free dance lessons. Whether you come alone or bring a friend, no partner is required for you to take part in all the fun activities. It's just a really fun evening designed for everyone in our community to enjoy. We also serve up some really tasty warm appetizers, desserts and refreshments for all to enjoy as well. Yummy!

During Guest Night, we will get you dancing! You will experience our studio in motion, and learn more about the art and culture behind this beautiful, nostalgic, healthy, low-impact dancesport. Plus, that's not mentioning...the energy and excitement, the boost in confidence, and aerobic benefits that come along with taking ballroom dance lessons are almost too good to be true! 

We want to prove to you that you CAN learn to dance, and that it is easier than you think.  So…come have some fun with us! There's really nothing to lose, but there is, however, a whole new YOU to gain.

Call 678-653-8003 or email us at if you have any questions. 

You can also visit us online at


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