Guerrilla Devotions, Movement & Dance

Tacoma, United States
25 Members

"Guerrilla" -- as in "operating behind the lines."  "Devotions" -- as in reflection, meditation or prayer, drawing on all spiritual practices. "Movement" -- as in exercise, releasing endorphins. "Dance" -- as in moving to music, freeform or influenced by any of the hundreds of styles existent in the world today, experienced as spiritual, sacred, concious or ecstatic. Doing it your way. Dancing the way you love. 

Join us on the dance floor at Collins Grange for a devotional / movement / dance experience that honors the spiritual nature of dance as both personal expression and a vehicle that contributes to unifying souls and building community. Dance constitutes a kind of collective worship which contributes to the devotional character of the community we live in. And so we gather, operating behind the lines of a divided society, in spiritual guerrilla-fashion, to bring greater unity and cohesion to the world through the friendships we make and the service we provide. 

Come to the country. A most unique venue has been secured, a classic Grange hall built in 1929, with a polished harwood dance floor that has seen decades of square dancers and is ready to be graced by movers, shakers, and dancers of all persuasions in 2019.  The immediate vicinity is rural in character. As you approach, you will feel country calm coming over you, the goats in the field across the road from the hall perhaps giving you a welcoming nod. 

Collins Grange is in the heart of Pierce County in the  North Clover Creek Collins neighborhood, adjacent to Frederickson, Midland, Parkland, Summit, Summit View, yet it's only 20 minutes from downtown Tacoma, 14 from Lakewood, 14 minutes from South Hill, 15 minutes from Puyallup, 21 minutes from Sumner, and 27 minutes from Gig Harbor.

We meet every first Saturday of the month from 10 a.m. to noon.

The music is provided by DJ George Dannells -- that's me -- organizer of this group. I have been DJ-ing for the past 25 years. Beginning in 1994 I was the (D)evotional (J)ockey for the Tacoma Baha'is long-running "Spiritual Meeting" at the Wright Park Community Center. I DJ-ed the music at multiple Brighton Creek Arts Festivals in the early 2000s, for many programs for Kitsap County Headstart staff and parents in that same era, for 20 years of Kitsap Mental Health company BBQs, and more recently for Tacoma Baha'i Community monthly open dances, for Naw Ruz (New Year's) and Ayyam-i-Ha (Intercalary Days) celebrations of the Kent Baha'i Community, for Salishan's Harvest Festival, National Night Out, and Spring Fling.

I like to surprise with my playlists. They run the gamet. A good concious or ecstatic dance playlist is going to juxtapose musical genres -- i.e., raw field recordings to polished pop, ethno-techno to electronic acoustic crossover, exotic ethnic such as Balinese gamelan music to classic classical, songs played ironically, in different languages, lyrical lyric-driven to instrumental, etc. etc. -- soft/slow to loud/fast to soft/slow again. Come to Guerrilla Devotions, Movement and Dance and expect to hear a Persian bandari song or two. Or an Arabic pop song from Lebanon. Expect to travel around the world musically in the time we are together but also go deep into the musical styles so much loved right here at home. 


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