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✯ If DJs + Electronic Dance Music + Dancing + Beach + Sunset + Free Pop-up Party = Your idea of a good time, then come see us!


★ Global Dance Records is a Seattle (West Seattle) based Electronic Dance Music label since 2012 representing all sub-genres of Electronic Dance Music. And we would like to start throwing FREE pop-up parties on Alki beach featuring yours truly dj Sang-Do and other guest DJs. The electronic sub-genres you can expect to hear are Chillstep, Chillout, House, Big Room, Trance and even Trap all depending on the situation. The Intent is to be chill and not to turn the entire beach into a wild dance party :) But to bring the ultra-lounge day club experience to Alki Beach where the few in front of the DJ booth can dance and get wild but where most can lounge or sun bathe around the vicinity enjoying the music. Having been a resident DJ at the W Hotel for many years in my past, this is what I am envisioning to be a sustainable and peaceful model for everyone on Alki. Why dream of the day to dance on the beach at global beach party destinations such as Ibiza, St. Tropez, Mykonos, or Miami Beach when we can do this now on Alki Beach?

⋆ Global Dance Records


✯ Typical:

• Location - Off 54th and Alki AVE, on the sand by the palm trees

• Hours - 5:30PM to 8:30PM

• Notice will be given a week in advance based on weather report

• Be sure to bring your own chairs, coolers, and beach blankets. Or whatever you need to feel comfortable and complete.


Come with an open mind, heart, and ear! Here is a free summer vibes DJ mix via Youtube, "Global Dance 37" .


✯ More About Me (Instagram @djSangDo):

• Website

• Podcast (Get more Global Dance Podcast episodes)

• Owner/Operator of:

* Global Dance Records

* GDR Audio Mastering Services (Powered by Universal Audio)

• Day Job -


✯ Why is this event

To purposely draw in local Professionals by day who also like Electronic Dance Music at night mixing business with pleasure. <br>


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