Let's go dancing!

Las Vegas, United States
172 Members

Wanna dance?  Get together with fun smiling people who just want to let their hair down and dance like nobody's watching.  If you don't like the club scene or stodgy judgmental people, this is the group for you! We'll get together at places like Oddfellows or anywhere that has music you can actually dance to...and maybe break a sweat.

I just started this group May 14, 2019, so nothing's planned yet.  But once we get about 10 people, I'll plan an event.

May 16, 2019: Woohoo!  We're up to 18+ members already!  Faster than I was expecting!  I'll be busy dancing round-the-clock at Electric Daisy Carnival through this weekend, but next week I'll start a discussion about what we'd like to do for our first event.




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