FFM International Singles and Professionals Get-Togethers

Frankfurt, Germany
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What we're about

This group is geared towards singles and professionals who want to explore the culinary and nightlife playground that is Frankfurt.

We will meet once or twice a month for fun things to do in FFM. Everything from wine tasting to culinary experiences... dancing to gaming nights! So join us to meet new and international people and have a great time. We try to provide a fun, easy going environment where you can be yourself. So bring your best positive attitude and join us at our upcoming events. We'll be attending bars, summer lounges, late afternoon picnics at the Main, street festivals, restaurants with adventurous cuisines, fun holiday themed events, virtual reality/laser tag nights and more.

Some events will have an attendance limit, to facilitate conversation and connections. We will be organizing free events.

A few things to note:

1) Events: All events will be designed to foster friendship. Dinners will not have large attendance lists, whereas for example happy hours will not be capped.

2) Age: This group is intended for people in their mid-20’s to mid-30's. We'd appreciate it if you respect that.

3) Language: Preferably English, since this is focused to cover a more international group.

4) Any person who RSVPs for the 1st time to an event that has a set reservation number and has not shown up to any past events, we will send you a message to confirm that you will be attending the event. To confirm, simply respond to the message within 48 hours, and you’ll remain on the RSVP list. In the event we do not hear back from you within those 48 hours, if there’s a wait-list, we will remove you from the RSVP list to have someone from the wait-list take your spot.

5) If you've RSVP'd to at least 2 meetups, and fail to show up without changing your RSVP and/or notifying us of your absence, we reserve the right to remove you from the group.

6) Organizers reserve the right to remove members at their discretion. <br> <br>If all this sounds good to you, then join us! :)


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