Western-burbs Social Club

Riverside, United States
97 Members

I have a feeling you'll enjoy our group if you're looking to expand your social circle with women and men, have some random adventures and explore all our world together!

Westside Social Club is all about helping people build fun, platonic friendships, enjoying Western suburb and Chicago culture and building an open accepting community to help foster our enjoyment. We encourage an entertaining, laid back, open environment where people can come hang out, escape the singles scene, and just be themselves. Obviously, if members develop something more than friendships, that's awesome, but we encourage members to think of this as an escape from the dating and networking scenes.

Social Events, Meeting New People,Live Music, Food Lovers, Exercise, Fun, Active Singles, Adventures, Dancing, Night Life, Hikes,Clubs, Friendship, Good Wine Food, Drinks, Parties,Dining Out, Culture, Women's Social, Community, Personal Growth, Conversation, and socializing.


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