The Cool Club [EN/ES]

Barcelona, Spain
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The first rule of The Cool Club is you do not talk about The Cool Club. Jk.

This is a group to have fun, meet people, socialize and make your social life a blast. Don't you find that a lot of times you go to a meetup and you end up knowing cool people but then you cannot make friends? This group intends to remedy that.

The ultimate goal of this group is to make long lasting friendship (or more if you are lucky) with other young people and doing fun activities/events together. Ideally the group wouldn't be too large, quality over quantity.

On this group we will do fun shit, like discovering amazing bars, cocktailing, tapas bar touring, traveling, partying, doing drunk rap battles, discovering some tasty restaurants, all done with other cool likeminded people, having fun and exchanging a laugh.

The activities will normally be nightlife related but some other day activities in weekends aren't discarded, especially now in the summer. (Like going to the beach, trying some surf classes, scuba diving, etc.)

The events will be kind of random (always free), on each one we will try to go somewhere new or try some new thing.

Members will be able to contribute on things they deem that would be cool for the club to do together: like go partying at this or that disco, going to see that movie at the cinema and then bowling, doing a brunch and morning rave, going to dance Salsa, etc.

The language used in the group will be English and/or Spanish. But this is not a language exchange, your level of English should be very confident, b2 or above. You can use this group to practice other languages but understand that is not the main focus.

The age to join this group is between 21-30 (inclusive) cool people, assemble!


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