For the Love of Jazz...and More!

Woodbridge, Canada
10 Members

Please read the description carefully and contact me if you have questions. <br>

Membership in this group is for people who wish to actively participate in learning and eventually performing jazz and a variety of other styles including some old time rock and roll, and variations of pop songs. Fun to play and enjoyable for people who like to get back into the swing of things. If you are thinking of joining, remember that members of this group should be prepared to commit some time to making this work. No egos, no judging and no games. If you are not interested in being an active member, please do not apply. If you are not sure how you might fit in, apply and ask me some questions. Happy to have a discussion. Currently we are looking for a few more musicians. An additional sax and trumpet.

The group is open to all instruments, but mainly focussed on those used in jazz, salsa and big band. We are looking for a group of 10 people who would make up a band of four to six performers. Having 10 people participate ensures that we will always have enough people available for rehearsals and performances. We recognize that everyone has busy lives and it cannot be expected that we are all available, all of the time. This is about performing and having fun learning, not professional “gigging” as it is called.

So, what is this group is about.

A group for mature adults (mostly over 50 years of age) who want to have fun playing jazz and other types of music. In most cases, we used to play or sing many years ago, have a descent understanding of our instrument, read charts or willing to learn, and recently revived our interest in music. Learning to play again and perform is the goal of this group. <br>Actively learning music and looking to perform for family, friends, charities, and maybe more later on. There are always venues that will accept free performances. In the end, if we receive gifts or stipends from the event, we can put it back into covering costs for rehearsal space, music arrangements, a year end party for family and friends, etc.

Please note: 

This group is not a jam session or passive in nature. We actively learn and play with the goal of once again, or for the first time in our lives, performing “For the love of jazz...and more”, and having fun. When you apply, please complete the short list of questions attached. Let us know what instrument you play, your skill level, and the type of songs you would like to perform. If you don’t complete the form, we will decline you application automatically.

Thank you for your time and interest.



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