40-Somethings in the City (“40@C”)

Seattle, United States
50 Members

WHO WE ARE. This group is for men and women in their fabulous forties who want to enjoy Seattle's red hot nightlife and cultural offerings. If you would like to be part of a small community of busy and creative professionals who have shared experiences around events that UPLIFT, INSPIRE, and EVOKE, 40@C is for you.

WHY WE'RE DIFFERENT. 40@C sets out to do something slightly different. We’re not aiming for high volume—Meetup has tons of social groups with thousands of members. But it’s sometimes hard to make connections in massive and impersonal groups. We're looking for that right balance between energy from a group and connection.

WHAT WE DO. Events include: DANCING - hitting hot spots that play "our" (non-millennial) type of music: '80s/'90s Nights; Classic Hip-Hop, Motown & Soul Night, etc.; COCKTAILS on gorgeous rooftop bars in warm weather/lounges in the winter; LIVE MUSIC AND CONCERTS- enjoying Seattle's cover bands and piano bar; FINE DINING; and ART WALKS. We will also avail of local favorites like TOWN HALL, THE SEATTLE OPERA, and the year-long festivals at THE SEATTLE CENTER.

WHEN. Once or twice a month on a Saturday or Friday night.

WHO SHOULD APPLY. We like people of all backgrounds and persuasions: Seattle residents and non-residents within 25 miles; those who have kids and otherwise; People who drink and those who don't; Singles and couples; “Fantastic Fifty-Somethings” are also welcome (and, no, we don’t check I.D. ;-).


LIMITED CAPACITY. Because of our limited capacity, it's only fair that we maintain only active members so that others can be part of our community. 

NO MEMBERSHIP FEES OR DUES. 40@C does not charge any dues or fees. However, we do expect all members to contribute in some way: Please join only if you have the time to occasionally attend and pitch in with event ideas to bring people together.


1. Have a FACE PHOTO as your Meetup profile so we know you're not a shady character ;-).

2. ANSWER THE SHORT Q&A SECTION after you click "Join".

We look forward to partying in the Emerald City with you!


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