Akoya Retreat Events

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
150 Members

Akoya Retreat <br>Connect.Discover.Align

Join us for a life-changing medley of ILLUMINATION and ADVENTURE <br>Akoya Retreat welcomes men and women [age 35+] looking to make a change in their lives and who are longing to discover and rediscover their passions. Our activities are great for friends, partners, or the solo traveler. Our aim is to support you in striking a balance between activity, relaxation and self-development.

ILLUMINATION <br>Connect with yourself. Discover hidden potential. Align yourself with a sense of balance and belonging. Find the light within.
Self-Care Tools: <br>Mindfulness techniques <br>Music for the Soul <br>Movement for the Soul <br>Expressive Art <br>Group discussions and games <br>Self-reflection and meditation <br>Other tools & techniques

ADVENTURE <br>Connect with new friends by engaging in adventure and outdoor activities. Discover your limits and break out of your comfort zone. Align yourself with your newfound passions. Replace staleness with vigour. Shine Outwards.
Activities and Fun: <br>Trekking <br>Biking <br>Water Sports <br>Horseback Riding <br>Archery <br>Drumming <br>Social Nights: Games, Karaoke, Dance <br>Other activities and entertainment

THE AKOYA PROMISE <br>Self-discovery <br>Connection to self, nature, health & community <br>Renewed confidence & purpose <br>Enlightened mind; Energized body <br>Fun and Adventure <br>Rest & Relaxation <br>Empowerment to embrace change <br>Motivation to take action <br>Take-home Tools for daily integration


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