Bangin' Beats dance fitness pop up class

Royal Oak, United States
146 Members

This group is for anybody who likes dance, music, and breaking a sweat! Bangin' Beats is not your typical dance fitness or latin dance fitness class. Every 6-8 weeks we put on a pop up group fitness class that is truly like no other. You will immerse yourself in an hour of the hottest mix of club bangers and underground tracks that will put your ear on end, your mind in a trance, and your body possessed. Your banger sisters will take you on nearly an hour long trip where you will dance, sweat, scream, and leave your inhibitions at the door as they guide you step by step through their melting moves and seamless tracks. Experience a euphoric club setting complete with smoke, lasers, booming bass, booze, and darkness. Call it dance. Call it exercise. Call it crazy! Check it out!


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