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Dallas, United States
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This is a group for everyone looking to expand and explore their range of motion and mobility through means of partaking in a 1 hour class dedicated solely to stretching. We will flow through a series of stretches instead of holding poses and postures. Additionally, the class is a complement to anyone who practices yoga, pilates, plays golf, sits in a chair all day, or is active in the gym. If you have had or are currently experiencing an injury or recovering from surgery, this class is gentle enough for you too. You will learn how to stretch, extend, and mobilize the most intricate muscles in your body, while releasing tension, and expanding your range of motion. The class is also designed to help you with body alignment, thus improving your posture.


* correct imbalances (tight hip flexors, internally rotated shoulders, forward neck, collapsed chest, tight hamstrings, and rounding of the upper back, ect)

* Decreases pain

* Decrease chances of injury

* Improves blood circulation and mood

*Improves muscle tone and strength

* Increases body awareness

* improves range of motion and synovial fluid in the joints

*improved flexibility



*$15 dollars

*Send payment via Cash app or Venmo to @PowerfulEmbodiment to reserve your spot or prepare to pay upon arrival via Square Reader (space is limited).

If you RSVP and cannot attend class, please change your status to "NOT GOING" to avoid disrupting the accuracy of the class count.

* Check back to view scheduled events/classes and updates


Jazmine is a trained professional dancer with over twenty years of experience. She recently suffered an injury resulting in an extensive knee surgery. Without the help of drugs or therapy, she decided to be her own healer. Doctors were amazed by her "unusually fast recovery and pain tolerance" however, she didn't do anything drastic; she just went back to the foundation of her dance training: stretching and breathing (and months of massaging and ice). She is currently teaching, dancing, and will be travelling to India this summer to study Tantra, and Kundalini Yoga. 

"You only have one body to transport you through the richness of life. Feeling light, free, and unlimited in your range of motion is a gift of optimum physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional health. I am honored to be able to share this practice with you. "



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