Speed dance your way to true love!

London, United Kingdom
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This is a group for people who love to dance and want to meet their other half.

Are you tired of being alone every night and every weekend? Do you want to share your life, passions and adventures with your other half?

Well we have the perfect opportunity for you to make your passion for dancing and finding true love come true!

In our world today we just don’t have the time to find a date, we are so busy in our every day life that we can’t stop and enjoy, do something we love and find love all at the same time, but now you can!

We have an amazing night planned for you, learning the sensual and beautiful Argentine Tango dance from the very best and finding your true love.

The experience will give you the opportunity to learn the amazing dance and to feel comfortable in an easy going, free environment so you and your partner will have the time to meet, chat dance and fall in love!

We will start the evening by all introducing our self’s, than the speed dancing will start, you will have the chance to dance with each one of the participants for 5 minutes, then make a note to yourself to keep in mind who it is you really like, than you will choose 2 of the people you like the best and dance 10 minutes with each of them, by the end of the night you will choose the one you like to continue dancing with, and next time you will be joining us as a couple!

This beautiful evening will be accompanied by fine Argentine wine and finger food, and not to forget you will learn the most amazing dance there is Tango, which increases balance, strength, interaction with people who have similar goals, and a dance that induces a state of flow and spirituality which is the best environment to meet your other half!

So don’t wait anymore! It is time to allow yourself to stop for a moment enjoy life, come to an amazing evening where you will learn your first steps in the sensual dance Tango and meet your other half.

It is your time now!


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