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Introducing the Accountability Tribe - find an accountability partner, tip the scales in your favour and create incentives that keep you on the path to success.

Is there something you're trying to change - perhaps you want to shake a bad habit or start a new one - but you just don't seem to be able to get it to stick? Perhaps you've decided that you're just too busy, or you simply don't have enough willpower.

But have you ever wondered how it is that you can work incredibly hard to finish a project at work or feverishly prepare for an important exam, yet at the same time constantly disappoint yourself by failing to achieve personal goals like eating less junk food, exercising more, or learning to dance? (these are just some of my unfulfilled goals!)

It's because you are heavily incentivised to meet that work deadline or pass that exam (public shame, fear of being fired, getting into university, cake) - but the incentives are against you when it comes to achieving personal goals like eating less junk food. It's hard to say no to pizza...

We live in a modern environment that makes it increasingly difficult to make good, wholesome choices: we're constantly being nudged and pulled towards consuming more junk food, binge-watching on Netflix, getting lost on social media, sleeping less, and buying more. These things are addictive - we know we probably shouldn't, but we can't help ourselves. 

But you can use this technology to your advantage. You can create new incentives, incentives that nudge and pull you towards doing what you know you should do.

---How does it work?---

1. Join the group and message one of the organisers  with what goals you want help achieving.

2. You will be matched with an accountability partner from within the group.

3. You will agree with your accountability partner:

- what you are committing to
- what evidence you will share with your accountability partner, and by when
- what will happen if you fail to provide sufficient evidence by agreed time
- you will agree an integrity deposit amount (could be £5, could be £500, whatever you want)

5. In the monthly meetings, accountability partners will meet, sign contracts, and share their commitments with the group. Signed contracts will be copied and made accessible to everyone on a shared drive.

6. What happens if I fail my commitment?

- if you fail a commitment, you must carry out whatever consequence agreed in the contract. Failure to carry out consequences will result in loss of integrity deposit

7. Group Accountability:

- every monthly meeting, each pair will audit another pair, and if they cannot find sufficient evidence that the pair they are auditing has stuck to their commitment, the audited pair lose their integrity deposit.


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