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Interested in watching Egyptian dance or flamenco? Fancy trying it yourself? <br>How about a Japanese taiko show or trying some drumming?  Occasionally we'll meet for a drink or meal to swap ideas.

I am a teacher and performer of Egyptian and Oriental dance, and enjoy watching dance and listening to music from different parts of the world.  Yes I will be offering you up some of my work, but we will be doing lots of other stuff too. 

This is NOT a dating site. It is a multi-generational, all genders welcome group.  If your partner or friends don't share your passion for exploring world cultures - then come and do it with this group.  And if you come on your own, you will be made very welcome.  I know from the salsa scene how cliquey and patriarchal groups can be.  This group will not be like that.

Members who are not active within the first 6 months of their joining will be deleted from the group.

So - enrich your life with people and places. <br>

Have fun.  Learn, laugh and meet new people.  But the real stars of the show are dance and music.


*Please have a clear profile photo of yourself so we can recognise and greet you. 

* 3 no shows and you will be deleted from the group. 

* Cancellations on the day will be treated as no shows.

* If you are trying new activities organised through this group, you are responsible for your fitness to take part.

* To cover MeetUp admin costs you'll be asked for a small fee on arrival of £1 (regular attendees will pay a maximum of £5).


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