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Oxford, United Kingdom
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Takatakatum Tango: We want to build a strong vibrant tango community in and around Oxford. The pratica events are being run (willingly) at a small loss in the spirit of bring together everyone past and present involved in the tango community. So please whoever you are if you are a tango dancer in Oxfordshire come to a pratica. 

Please message me if you are interested in starting tango but don't know where to start. I will be able to give you pointers to the various events. The objective is to reunite the Oxford tango community in a spirit of cooperation and sharing.

We organise a weekly tango pratica all levels welcome.

Other events in Oxford (not organised by the organisers of this meetup):

Saturday Lunch times classes:

11:45 Beginners tango 

12:45 Intermediate tango

St Columbus Church Hall Alfred Street. 


Also checkout Sofia's milonga.


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