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Calling to attention, mix age, mix crowd, lively venues.  Dont dance alone -join me. Going to the city can be a big hassle for people who live out of the city and out west, well good news is theres a few good places to go in the west and surrounds too.

Only $15 to join for entire year, this goes to paying for the page fees, and for my time keeping you notified when we are meeting etc.  im not rich, operating this page is expensive but im willing to stick my hand up, so please dont disrespect me and the other paying members by not paying for your membership a.s.a.p.

we have our regular venues, and every now n then we try to get our members to other venues in west areas of outer sydney.

This is a small casual setup for people who love going dancing but have no one to go with, what ever your gender size shape age, if you need company, then this is your group, have a dance and forget about your cares for a while. So whether its 2 or 22 people that turn up, theres no judgements, just company and human beings, and we are only interested in accepting people that are fine with small groups ., even though our events already have many extra visitors attending.  10 - 15 of us attend every fri n sat without fail and have now become friends.

"I started this group because previously, my exfriends have started acting unfrendly to me, i got sick of being the only one calling people to g out, while everyone else abandoned me in time of need, showing their true colours.   so I guess I'm looking for similar people as myself, who can come when ever they can, and just be human and look after eachother in time of lonleyness :-)  Plus - its good fitness too :-) 

i would love for you to treat this as "Your Own Personal Group", if you have suggestions locations and venues etc please communicate with me and we will see what we can do now or soon in the future.

Thank you, look forward to seeing you there..!!!  Adam

to pay via Paypal send as "Send To Friends & Family" to

Or bank transfer to

Adam Grant

BSB: 082778

Acc: 245 368 057

Description: Meetup

Amount: $15


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