Oakland Dance Fitness and Health Support Meetup

Oakland, United States
18 Members

This is a group for those who love Zumba and dance, but have a hard time keeping it consistent in our life due to family commitments, work, etc. and would like some support! Every second Sunday we will get together for a Zumba dance fitness class from 10am to 11am. Dawn plays a mix of hip-hop, Caribbean, salsa, and R & B music. It's a really fun work out. No mirrors at the venue so no need for self-consciousness either. Then 11am to 11:30am we will enjoy a healthy snack and spa water while we chat about what works and what doesn't work to create consistency for health. Dawn usually brings up a topic to have a short discussion about then we set our goals for the month. Then the next month we know we have a group to be accountable to for our goals. It's a fun and light-hearted atmosphere. We hope you will give us a try!


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