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Houston, United States
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Ever thought of dancing tango? or just to try something new? We can't wait to share with you what we love so much about Social Tango.

Or should you like to polish your skills or learn more? All are welcome to Be In Tango

Everyone is welcome, neither experience nor a partner required, nor good balance, good musicality, or good posture. Those things you will gain by learning tango. Tango Curious Program teaches basic tango steps & patterns, concepts of communication with your partner, musicality, self-awareness, and floorcraft.

* master classic tango patterns

* become creative in building up your own tango style

* learn tools to make your dance dynamic and interesting

* gain depth to understanding of connection with your partner and tango music

* be part of the discussions about inclusivity and the evolution of tango

* learn to trust and become more comfortable in choosing when to trust

* become an active listener and present in the moment


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