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Plastic Strip

Lovely girl, embody your wishes in life. Do you want to pay attention solely to you? Do you dream of new acquaintances? Dreaming of getting both a walk and a slender figure at once?
Plastic Strip is the most beautiful way to burn extra calories, it’s a great workout with maximum involvement of muscles in the arms, chest, abs, legs and buttocks.
Strip plastic is a unique combination of several items at once:
it imply a maximum load on the muscles, which leads to their direct training;
energy intensity of exercises provides fast and, most importantly, effective, burning of excess calories;
strip-plastic improves stretching, increasing the vitality of the whole organism;
a girl or woman, regardless of their age, weight, height, social status, can be completely liberated in strip-gow or strip dance classes, which in itself is the best way for psychological unloading and training;
straightening posture, gait becomes more feminine, and body movements - smooth and graceful;
if you learn even the basic and simplest movements in the style of "strip", which you can perform in front of your man, then be sure - for him you will forever remain unique and unrepeatable.
Strip plastic is a dance of feelings and emancipation, where your true individual image is revealed.
Plastic Strip is a dance of emotions, liberation, and seduction. It aims to develop the flexibility and elasticity of the muscles, and as a result develops elasticity throughout the entire body.
Strip plastic will teach you to master your body, to move gracefully and to feel confident in any situation.
In our classes, the main emphasis is on the floor work and transitions and elements on the ground. Some classes will focus on learning choreography and dancing it, while others will solely focus on mastering Plastic Strip elements. The goal is to ‘melt like plastic’ on the floor.
These days it is a feminine, beautiful dance, helping to liberate the soul and body. This dance style can not be imagined without passion and emancipation.
Strip plastic helps to overcome complexes, liberate, maintain a physical shape, develop flexibility, plasticity, the ability to beautifully move and get a lot of fun from classes.
In addition, classes in this direction perfectly strengthen all the muscles of the body, and the movements become relaxed and feminine.
Benefits of Plastic Strip:

Feel sexy, feminine and sultry.
Increased flexibility
Tones and shapes key muscle groups
Burn extra calories
Develops coordination, agility and fluidity
Improves posture, core strength and stability
Builds self-confidence
Keep pushing your limits with new choreography

What to wear doing strip plastic?
To practice this style, you can use any clothes that are free for movement, in which you will feel confident. Shoes should also be comfortable, but for a strip plastic you may need heels, socks or sneakers, depending on the nature of the training.


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