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We are all learners and teachers threw our lifes. Applying new skills is a great why to skyrocket your life-quality.

In language-learning it is a common concept to have tandem-partners. Someone who teaches you a language he/she speaks well, in exchange for you teaching a language you know.
But why just doing that for learning languages??

I´m passionate about many things, but I either have the time to become an expert in all of it, or to pay private teachers (I´m not a big fan of the learning efficiency in classroom-settings).

I applied some skills until know, I´d be happy to share with someone. In exchange I would like to learn something new. Maybe/Hopefully you feel the same!?

In a skill-tandem I could teach you:
- mobilisation training (also loosing/gaining weight, dieting, ...)
- how to speak german as my mothertounge ;)
- english on an informal level
- ...

Skills I´m learning and would like to improve:
- chinese
- spanish
- ukulele
- singing
- salsa

Let us just meet in a nice location and get to know each other, people, who are interested in learning something new. If you´ll find someone you want to exchange some skills with, that´s perfect.

PS: A friend of mine is trainer for speeding up the process of learning. When you found a tandem-partner, we will figure out how to teach your skill to the other in a effective way.

Looking forward seeing you <3


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