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Berlin, Germany
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“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”

This group is for everyone who is interested in her/his personal development through the body.

It can be done in various way and the one that we can explore here is: DANCING.

You don’t need to be a dancer, have experience in any kind of dance or even a sense of rhythm in your body. Come as you are to enjoy!

“DANCE NOW” is a class where you can express yourself, connect your body with your mind to empower yourself. All of this with great music!

I really think that if you are curious, adventurous and excited you can rediscover your body, your sensations, your emotions and more.

Together we’ll connect, learn, grow, and laugh. A lot.

We can all achieve dance so please check out my events and attend them!

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When I’m not dancing or giving workshops, I work as a Somatic Bodywork Coach.

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PS:  life is now.


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