Dunedin, United States
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Community of companionship, to fulfill your bucket lists, with like minded people. Share your list at meetups and well make it happen! Enjoy group rate discount vacations and local activities with new friends.

This is a Casual group. If you find something you'ld like to attend... Message me the info! I will then create the event/meetup, with you as the host. There's no jumping through hoops. Simply greet the members and have a great time! <3

When we hit 200 members ( so invite your friends and family 70+) we will start creating overseas bucket list events!

Local Meetups Dunedin/Clearwater/Safety Harbor: <br>-Dinner and Dancing <br>-Day at the Beach <br>-Casino runs <br>-Cafe Meetups <br>-Sporting Events <br>-Ghost Tours <br>-Wine Tasting <br>-Spa Days <br>-Happy Hour <br>-Pinellas Trail Walks <br>-Movie Night <br>-Local Markets <br>-Art and Music <br>-Theater... The list goes on!

Theres so much to experience in our area. Dont sit home alone! Were waiting for you to join to add life and fun to our days!

"Share stories, laugh, have fun"

Feel free to bring your CNA or family member under the age of 70!!! Your comfort is priority.


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