North Brisbane Latin Dance

Brisbane, Australia
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Latin dance is one of the best ways to meet new people of all walks of life, whether in the classroom or out at weekly social parties. Salsa is one of the most danced genres that will enable you to go out and social dance at Latin social parties.
Salsa is a universal dance language, if you know the basic steps, then you will be able to dance with anyone from anywhere in the world.

Join our group where we have the NSW Salsa Champion Quyen Ying teach and guide you on your journey of self exploration, discover your own rhythm, meet others that are on the same path and have FUN FUN FUN most importantly!

All levels are welcome, whether you have '2 left feet' (which we will show you that you don't ;)), a beginner or are experienced, you never stop learning here.

We are currently holding a FREE COME & TRY CLASS next Wednesday for a Pre- Valentine's day special, 6:30pm at Sandgate Town Hall. Please check event on group page x


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