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Do you feel like sharing an evening of warmth and loving touch?
Do you long for true connection with yourself and others?
Do you want to get to know yourself, learn to express your desires and boundaries?

Then this is the meetup group for you :-)

The Workshops at a glance:
- Focus: connecting with yourself and from there with others
- Elements: cuddling, touch, consent, meditation, breath, dance, voice, movement.
- Level: * no previous experience necessary.
- Investment: depending on the type and theme of the workshop.



“From connection with yourself to connecting with others.”

We live in a society where we experience a growing lack of touch and connection. Which is too bad, because more and more research underlines the health benefits of cuddling. Cuddles lower stress levels in our body, release oxytocin (the ‘cuddle hormone’ that makes us feel good), lowers blood pressure and heart rate and makes us feel seen and loved.

A cuddleworkshop is a workshop focused on loving touch. It is an evening full of exercises which bring you in to contact with yourself and others. We begin gently, without touching each other, in order for everyone to keep up the pace, and gradually we build the intensity.
We always start with grounding exercises to land in our bodies and let go of the stress of our daily lives. From there we start connecting with others. The exercises are playful, fun and sometimes intense but always with a lot of love. You are always free to skip an exercise, no obligations whatsoever. The exercises are diverse and differ every time.
This workshop is focused on loving touch. We stay away from sexuality. Not because sex is something wrong but to fully experience what it is like to cuddle without any “final goal”.


All the cuddle workshops are focussed on loving touch but we organise different types of workshops.

"Regular" Cuddle workshops - this workshop is for everyone: you, your friends, couples, singles, from all backgrounds, genders, colours and flavours. Everyone is welcome to join for an evening of hugs and conscious contact!

Cuddle workshops for parents (to be) - this workshop is for parents. As (becoming) parents it is sometimes hard to find time to be with your loved one like you did before. The cuddle workshop for parents is an evening for parents to reconnect with their loved one in a special and playful way. Remembering the good old days and deepening the connection between each other.

Cuddle workshop for couples: This workshop is for those who would like to explore conscious contact and cuddling but feel that they want to share this with someone they know (partner or friend) instead of a stranger.

Cuddle workshop for LGBTQ+: This "Rainbow Cuddle workshop" is created to especially for the LGBTQ community. Cuddle workshops are ALWAYS open for everyone. we don't select on sex, gender or sexual preference. However we notice that the LGBTQ+ community is a little underrepresented in the regular workshops. Which is a shame because we want to bring cuddles to everyone! Please feel welcome to join for an evening of loving touch you beautiful Unicorns!

This workshop is for both experienced and starting cuddlers.
- When you feel that you miss real connection in your life or are insecure about connecting with other people – this is for you.
- Also if you want to recharge and indulge in a night of abundant cuddles this is your place to be!

- We will create a safe space with guidelines that all participants are requested to submit to.
- Be respectful to others and the others boundaries. Crossing boundaries or show any other behavior that affects the safety of the group, we can ask you to leave the workshop.
- You are responsible for your own well-being. This means that you can express your boundaries at all times. We will never force you to do anything!

- Who: we welcome people of all genders, sexualities, ages etc.
- Language: the workshop is English, but can translate in Spanish or Dutch if necessary. We want to include everybody!
- Clothes: Wear comfy clothes in which you feel good, e.g. pajamas, yoga pants, etc.
- Time: The workshops usually starts at 19.00 and ends around 21.30h. D


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