Party Hard Sophisticated Black Nubian Kings and Queens

London, United Kingdom
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"... Let's talk about raves babyyyy, let's talk about you and meee, let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that may beee, let's talk about (Black Nubian) raves, let's talk about Raves!" 😊

Yuh nouah dem way, deh?


* THIS GROUP IS DIRECTED SPECIFICALLY AT THE  PEOPLE DESCRIBED WITHIN IT  - PLEASE DO NOT BE OFFENDED (OR TRY TO SHOEHORN YOURSELF IN) IF IT DOES NOT FIT YOU (Example: if you like museums or plays, exhibitions, sports events, other non-raving dos, etc., OR  if you are not of Caribbean heritage.

PLEASE  ALSO DON'T TRY TO CHANGE MY GROUP'S 5 SIMPLE RULES -  i.e., not responding when I communicate, not paying £3, when you've already confirmed you would, and so on. 

There are many other groups on Meetup that will suit you more if mine does not  … or … you can do what I did: Create your own Group.  It's easy!  😊😊

Please also note this Group was not created for "hook ups" nor for any other similar pursuits.

(***) One of my greatest pleasures is going out to a really nice, preferably London-based, venue with a group of *loving, mature, conscious, kind-hearted, honest, genuine, generous, supportive, relaxed, funny, upbeat, sophisticated, Black, Nubian girlfriends*. (***)

Our sole aim would be to spend the night joking, laughing, singing, bonding over a couple of drinks whilst dancing up a storm to great music (RnB, Reggae, Neo-Soul, Soul, Soca, Rare-Grooves, Dancehall, Bashment, and … of course … Lovers ...) until dawn breaks.

It would be lovely for us to meetup, say, twice a month (commitments and finances permitting). We could have coffee/tea and cake to catch-up. We could even have dinner or something, time permitting, before going out dancing (like no one is watching and singing like no one is listening), just to let our hair down (whether it's natural, permed, relaxed, plaited, weaved, loxed or just shaved!). To enjoy this human experience we are all undergoing.

No drama, no negativity, nor any other low-level behaviour will be tolerated (such as saying one thing but doing something else), for any reason! 

If you can't make it after RSVPing yes, change your RSVP or contact one of us to advise, in advance/as soon as you know. The rest of us will be waiting for you so "No-Shows" are a definite no-no! Don't go there, peeps!!

(£$£) As well as joining this Group, what I need from you is >>> £3 PER 6 MONTHS x 2 (Jan to June) and then (July to Dec) <<< to be paid on joining (no ifs, no buts) -- in a nutshell: Silent, Non-Paying, Stallers and Lurkers are NOT appreciated, NOR welcome. **THEY WILL BE REMOVED AND BANNED without further ado.**

The payment is requested in order to help me pay Meetup for their upfront, 6 monthly, Administration costs. This cost is incurred by me, straightaway, in order to access Meetup's platform to create this Group (not to mention the time and effort expended adding content and the maintenance thereafter). (£$£)

I reiterate: Creating a Group on Meetup is not free ( I pay / You pay / We all benefit). Agreed?

Please send/inbox me your email address when you join.

If you don't already have a Paypal account and don't want to open one, I can use your email address or phone number, via Paypal, to send you a GBP3.31 Membership Subscription Request (which includes Paypal's 31p fee).  Your Joining-Membership-Reimbursement fee is kept very low, considering what you receive - it's the price of a shop-bought coffee and that does not last 6 months.

What do you say, mature, conscious, sophisticated, integrity-filled Ladies (and Gentlemen)? Are you in??

Glad to hear it because I need your input and creativity to make this Group work - after all: "nouuh maaiiiaan is an islaaaaaaand, noohhuoohoh, nouuh maaaaaan, staaands aloooone". 😊

You are most welcome to join me, to keep Love in your heart and to help me make this a happy, Stress-Free, creative, relaxed, respectful, space/place to be. Let us swap mobile numbers and look out for each other on our raving nights out.

If you meet the Description and Criteria in (***) above: (1) Join us; (2) Send/Inbox me your email address; (3) Pay your Joining-Membership Fee, WITHIN 7 DAYS OF JOINING, to keep this Group going; (4) Actively participate; (5) Respond ASAP  when I communicate, pleeeease! Otherwise ... Move Along Folks -- No Stress Tolerated  and Nu'un To See Here!!<


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