Red Tent Mysteries

Vancouver, Canada
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Precious woman,

The Red Tent is a space to plug into bliss, feel alive in your body, at peace in your mind and expansive in your heart. 

It is a safe sacred space to feel nourished by the company of other women, to be held in love, and to be fully seen and heard.

"In a world that can make us crazy, depressed, dissatisfied, sick and poor we HEAL each Other and we step into our intuition, self-confidence, truth, presence and joy.
When we let the outer world define our inner world - that’s a very shaky & dis-empowered place to live from!
Because when We step in Truth and Trust our inner wisdom there is this big heart opening and nourishment, there is a Conscious reclaiming of the body and inner power. Bliss!
Lurking in the darkness, deep in your veins, dormant, potent and irresistible, there is already a True Intuitive Powerful Creature. A Creator of Worlds.
A God and a Goddess!" ~
Evelina Pentcheva

Is your soul is craving more? — more connection, peacefulness, expression, playfulness, love, dancing, inspiration, nurturing, sisterhood, passion, sensuality, more abandon and unapologetic expression?

At the Red Tent Mysteries gatherings, we will dive deep into expansion.
You will dance your heart and soul open, breathe into realms of peaceful stillness, play with ecstatic joy, be uplifted and create exquisite Sister connections.

Receive wisdom teachings on feminine womb mysteries, cycles, and sacred ceremony.
Receive guidance to be more in your power, pleasure and prosperity.
Discover the full power of your voice.
Receive healing and support.

Much love,


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