Bachata Femmes: Unleash Your Boss!

Toronto, Canada
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This is NOT just another Bachata, Dance or Latin Page!

Bachata Femmes is an Empire built to empower YOU through Bachata - a latin form of dancing! In "this" space, we do things differently! This is a call out to all my Queens, Divas, Kings & Fierce Individuals out there!

We teach and empower YOU through reverse role leading - basically breaking the mainstream social norm of Female-Follow & Male-Lead! Our environment is inclusive for ALL genders where YOU choose whether to lead or follow! 

We want to Unleash Your Inner Boss, so our class structure will be theme based focusing on: 1) Defining your Identity & Sexy 2) Building your Self-Confidence & Self-Image 3) Breaking Stereotypes & Societal Norms 4) Creating a Safe & Judgement-Free Space 5) Understanding Consent, Dance Etiquette and learning how and when to say No! 

*Proper Technique, Connection & Frame, Body Isolations
*Confidence, Defining your Sexy, Respecting Comfort Level & Bachata Etiquette

Bachata Femmes features reputable and FIERCE instructors who are there to help you reach YOUR FIERCE every Step of the Way! If you want to learn Sensual |Modern| Fusion Bachata & see yourself grow, we WANT YOU!

Join our Empire| Grow Unapologetically | Be part of a Global Movement!

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Bachata Femmes - Time to Unleash Your Inner Boss!


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